The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Trellis Fencing

Trellis fences are an alternative type of fence that provide a simple but unique aesthetic to your yard. Due to their unique construction, trellis fences have a unique set of advantages and disadvantages. Understanding what trellis fences offer your yard can help you decide whether or not a trellis fence is the right fit for your needs.

The Advantages of Trellis Fences

Ease of Installation: Trellis fences are extremely easy to install, as they are quite light and require no special tools or post holes. In fact, depending on the amount and size of the fence in question, some trellis fences can be installed in just a single day, decreasing your installation costs as well.

Price: Trellis fences are fairly inexpensive when compared to other types of fencing, as less material is used in the construction of the fence itself, and because the installation process is quick and painless. This makes trellis fences ideal for homeowners operating under a budget.

Functionality: Trellis fences are more than just a boundary to your garden and yard – trellis fences can be easily integrated into your garden and provide a platform for plants to grow, which is great for homeowners looking to expand their garden space.

Aesthetic: Trellis fences provide a natural and airy aesthetic that traditional fences cannot compete with. Light and air are able to filter through trellis fences, and plants can grow easily on trellis fences, providing a green and environmentally friendly appearance that other fences cannot provide.

The Disadvantages of Trellis Fences

Privacy: Trellis fences are relatively see through, depending on the amount of plant growth that covers them. While this may not be an issue depending on the location of your backyard, this can be a major drawback if you live in a high traffic area.

Security and Durability: Trellis fences are very fragile, and can be easily climbed or knocked down, which makes them less than ideal for security purposes. Additionally, in areas that are prone to coastal storms or harsh weather conditions, trellis fences are more likely to be knocked down or damaged by weather exposure than traditional solid fences.

Maintenance: Because trellis fences are not very durable and have plants growing on them, constant care must be taken to ensure that the trellis stays in good shape. This means constant pruning and painting to ensure that the trellis itself does not begin to rot or degrade over time.

If you feel a trellis fence is right for you, contact a professional contractor, like Family Fence Company, to discuss your trellis fencing options.

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