3 Chain Link Fencing Makeover Ideas To Give Your Fence A More Attractive Look

Installing a chain link fence around your home can be an affordable way to enclose your property, and add security and privacy to your home. There may be some areas where the fence is not noticeable and appearance may not matter to you. In some areas, such as in the front of your home, you may want to give the fence a little more of an attractive look. Here are some chain link fencing makeover projects that can completely change the look of your fencing:

1. Plant Your Fence Over With Climbing Vines For A Green Screen

One of the options that you may want to consider to makeover your chain link fence is just covering it with green materials. This can easily be done with climbing vines, which can quickly take over the fence and make it look like a plant, rather than a manmade structure. If you want your fence to be covered all year, consider using an evergreen plant like ivy. Alternatively, you may want to use seasonal plants to change the look of your fence, which can be good if you are a person that likes gardening.

2. Add A Wood Façade To Areas Of Your Fence That Need Sprucing Up

Another option you may want to consider for your fence is adding a wood façade to it to make it more attractive. This can be done with common wood fencing materials like cedar, which is ideal for areas like gate entrances to a backyard. Another less costly option can be to use a lattice wood covering to add to your fence. This can also be used to make additional features in landscaping that match, such as a privacy screen around a patio or small garden enclosure.

3. Cover The Fence With Windscreens Or Rolls Of Fence Covering Materials

There are also coverings that you can buy for fencing, which can be a more affordable option if you are on a budget. The most common are textile windscreen materials that come on a variety of densities and colors. In addition, there are cane and other synthetic fence coverings that can easily be attached to any chain link fence and make it more attractive.

Chain link fencing can be both affordable and attractive with some of the makeover projects. If you need help with the installation of a fence, improvements or repairs, contact a chain link fencing service like Holman Fence LLC and discuss some of these ideas with them. 

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