A Homeowners Guide To Repairing And Maintaining Iron Fences

If you do not take good care of your iron railings, they will gradually deteriorate and rust. Not only will they not look very good, but you will then need to replace them sooner. Also, a damaged iron fence may become a security risk, as intruders may be able to cut through the fence and gain access to your property. There are several things you will need to do yourself to make sure that your fence remains in good condition.

Protect The Fence From Rusting

Iron fences are prone to rusting when they are exposed to the elements. It is necessary to take protective measures to make sure that the fence does not rust. One approach is to add a protective layer of wax that will protect the fence from rust. Alternatively, you can cover the fence with a tarp before a rainstorm. Protective sealants are especially important if your iron fence is in a humid location, such as near a pool.

Remove Rust And Repair Damaged Paint

Before working on your iron fence, prepare the area by removing any vegetation or weeds that are touching the fence. Also, applying a thin layer of rust converter can make the rest of the process much easier.

The wrought iron fence can be painted not only to improve the appearance of the fence but also to further protect it. The paint can prevent the fence from coming in contact with the elements. If the fence deteriorates and needs to be repainted, you will need to remove the old paint first with either a wire brush or by placing a wire wheel on a cordless drill. This will remove the rust as well. The surface should then be sanded down to remove any peeling paint. Then, rinse the fence with water.

Apply a coat of primer. Spray-on primer is the easiest to use. Add a thin layer of oil-based paint that is designed specifically for metal. Try to locate a color that is similar to the color that you used originally.

Inspect The Fence Regularly

Be sure to inspect your fence regularly for signs of damage. The iron fence should be repaired or replaced before it becomes a security concern. Also, fences often have damage that can be corrected before the fence is ruined. If any sections are bent as a result of damage suffered, these sections can often be fixed by you with a blow torch. However, if you cannot repair your iron fence, it is best to schedule an appointment with a contractor who can have it replaced with a new one.

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