Wood Vs Vinyl Fence: Which One Is Right For Your Home?

What is the best fence to get for your home? Whether you rent or own, there are two main options available that look great: wood and vinyl. Is one really better than the other? Will one of them serve your particular needs more? Here's a look at comparing to two to help you find the right one for your home.

The Cost of Installation and Maintenance

Wood fences are much cheaper to initially install compared to vinyl. While they may be a selling point, it's also worth looking at the maintenance costs and time. Wood is much harder to maintain compared to its vinyl counterpart. A busy family will not have time for this, and could find that their fence is damaged and rotting due to poor maintenance.

It is very easy to spray any dirt from your vinyl fence. It will not buckle or suffer from the moisture. The material also won't crack compared to wood.

Pest Damage Possibilities

Wood is susceptible to termite damage. You will need to take care of it and treat it regularly to prevent this. The problem if the fencing suffers from termites is that other parts of your home could do, too.

Vinyl doesn't have this risk. There is nothing within the material that termites are interested it. It will also not have to suffer through dry rot or fungus, which are two problems of wooden fences.

The Traditional Look

If you want to go for the traditional look, the wooden fence is certainly the better option. It can be treated to avoid the termite issues and maintenance will also help it remain standing for years to come. You can also paint wood easily to make it fit in with a scheme in the neighborhood.

There are vinyl options that look like wood, but some will look completely different and can make your home stand out. This is especially a problem in a neighborhood where everyone is expected to look uniform. There's no need to paint the material, as it comes in various colors already.

In the end, it will really decide what you want from your fence. If you want something to blend in with your neighbors that is cheap to install, a plywood fence will be the better option for your home. However, vinyl is becoming more popular as it is much cheaper and easier to maintain, and will not suffer from the damage wood can.

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