Choosing The Right Wooden Fencing For Your Backyard

Deciding to install a wooden fence is only the first step in your backyard project. Next comes determining the type and style. Depending on your needs and your preferences regarding appearances, there are a variety of fencing types that might be suitable. Here are a few of the most popular options and what makes them ideal for certain situations.

Bamboo Privacy Fences

Bamboo privacy fences are constructed of sheets of thin bamboo. They have an extremely relaxed island appearance, in addition to being affordable and easy to install. Bamboo fences provide excellent privacy coverage and they are environmentally friendly. The principle downside to bamboo privacy fences is that they aren't extremely durable. They aren't likely to be an option for those who have pets because they can be easily damaged.

Picket Fences

Picket fences are the classic American fence. They are generally composed of wide-spaced slats which open up a property and let others see into the home. Though they are often painted white, other colors are slowly becoming more common. Picket fences are durable and attractive, but they can also cost more than other fencing options. They also don't afford any privacy because they can be seen right through.

Slatted Privacy Fences

The traditional slatted privacy fence is constructed with thick wooden slats or panels placed close together. These heavy duty privacy fences are the best for those who value their privacy and who want a durable fence. The only downside to this type of privacy fence is that it's one of the most costly forms of fencing.

Split Rail Fences

Common in the south and the midwest, split rail fencing is often used to enclose large areas of space. Split rail fencing is constructed of a few rails of wood that are attached by posts. They are easily seen through and won't keep pets or children in, but they will enclose the space in an attractive way. Split rail fencing is sometimes lined with wire in order to make it more difficult to pass through.

Stockade Fences

Stockade fences are a more affordable but less durable alternative to a slatted privacy fence. Stockade fences include small, thin pieces of wood which are nailed directly to cross bars and posts. Stockade fences may need fairly frequent repairs in ares with significant weather, but they are fast to erect and easy to install.

The type of fence that you personally need will depend on your cost, desired level of durability, and desired privacy. The most private and durable fences are generally slatted wooden privacy fences, while the most affordable fences will likely be split rail fences. Talk to a profession, such as Hahn-AA Fencing, to get started! 

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