Three Ways To Create A Privacy Screen Without Spending A Fortune

Good fences make good neighbors – or so the classic saying goes. But what about when you really need privacy on a tight budget? There are ways to create a privacy screen and keep prying eyes out of your backyard without spending thousands on a solid wood or vinyl fence. Here are some less costly privacy screen alternatives that will still make good neighbors.

Plant hedges.

People often think of hedges as low borders between properties, but if you choose the right species of shrub, you can create a tall, dense screen that your neighbors won't be able to see through. Some fast-growing, tall shrubs that make good hedges include:

  • American Arborvitae: This tree can reach 40 to 60 feet in height, though you can easily keep it trimmed to a shorter height. The trees are narrow, so you'll need to plant many of them close together to create a hedge.
  • Emerald Arborvitae: If you want a lower maintenance option, this evergreen species only reaches 10 to 15 feet in height so you won't have to do as much pruning.

Install a cheap fence and cover it in vines.

Chain link fences tend to cost a lot less than other types of fences. Though they are not opaque, you can make them so by planting vines near the base. Consider having a chain link fence installed, and then plant a row of hop, trumpet vine, or English ivy seeds along the base of the fence. As the plants start germinating, they'll send out shoots and begin climbing up the fence. Within a few months, they should be grown in densely enough to ensure nobody sees through your fence.

Purchase a portable privacy screen.

Most home improvement stores carry portable privacy screens. These are like sections of fencing on wheels. They fold up for storage and then accordion out when you need them. You can purchase one or two of these screens and set them up in the areas you need them most, such as right along the border between your property and your neighbor's yard. To ensure the screens last, you'll want to take them down and put them in your garage when the weather is wet and rainy.

Putting up some sort of privacy barrier between your property and that of your neighbors is important. Use these low-cost, creative fencing ideas to maintain that privacy without emptying your wallet. Click for more information.

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