Have Ugly Chain Link Fencing? Make It Look Pretty

While chain link fencing is quite practical and affordable, it is not the best looking fencing material out there. However, the good thing about chain link material is that you are not stuck with it in the same state that it was installed. Here are simple ways you can make a chain link fence look nice.

Apply A Powder Coating

You can change the color of a fence at any time by applying a powder coating. You may be wondering what a powder coating is and how it is different than using paint. Applying a powder coating is the process of spraying the chain link fence with a powder material that dries and forms a protective coat. It is applied to the fence and then sealed to the galvanized wire with heat. The process makes it possible for the coating to be permanently affixed to the metal material. It will not fall off or chip from exposure to the weather. This gives it a huge advantage over using traditional paint, but the installation process may require professional help to have it done correctly.

Add Metal Slats

Another method to beautify a chain link fence is with metal slats. These are long strips of metal that are no wider than the gap in the fence, which allows them to be woven through the fence to be held in place. Slats can give your chain link fence a new color, while also adding privacy to a yard.

The good thing about metal slats is that anybody can add them. All you need to do is have the ability to cut the metal slats to the appropriate length.

Cover With Plants

The holes of chain link fencing give you the opportunity to cover the material with plants. You can plant some vines that will weave their way through the metal links so that they cover the entire surface. This will give you some privacy, but not to the extent that metal slats would. Unfortunately, plants do require maintenance. You'll need to trim the plants when they get too long, or they'll overtake the fence and look like a huge mess.

These are just a couple ways that you can beautify your fencing material. There are more ideas out there, but you'll find that these three methods will work exceptionally well and make your fence look more appealing.

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