Reasons Why You Should Use Aluminum For Your New Fence

If your HOA allows fencing in your neighborhood, you may be considering installing one for privacy, safety, and curb appeal. There are numerous materials to choose from. While wood fences were popular in the past, you have many materials at your disposal these days. Here are just a few reasons why you might like to use aluminum for this project.

It's More Affordable Than Other High-Quality Materials

While inexpensive fences, like chain-link or chicken wire, are much more affordable than other styles, they can sometimes look cheap and reduce curb appeal. Conversely, materials like wrought-iron, composite, stone, and brick may look fantastic, but they can be quite pricey. Aluminum is a fantastic compromise. It's a high-quality material and is on the lower end of the price range for more expensive materials.

You Have Flexibility With Installation

Because aluminum is a lightweight material, it is much easier to work with if you are planning a DIY project. You may want a professional to dig the post holes, but you could set the rails, pickets, and panels. If you already have a fence installed, some manufacturers even have aluminum panels that you can place on the existing framework to obtain more privacy.

It's Resistant to the Elements

Both wooden fences and wrought-iron fences are vulnerable to moisture. Wooden fences can develop wood rot, and wrought iron can corrode. Aluminum is fantastic because it doesn't contain steel or iron, so it doesn't rust. Besides being fantastic for handling rain, snow, and ice, aluminum can withstand hotter days. Some materials can fade from sun damage, but aluminum is durable.

It's Easy to Clean

With other materials, like wood, you may need to worry about removing algae, applying sealant, and applying paint/stain. Aluminum is super easy to maintain.

For hefty aluminum fences, you may be able to use a pressure washer to remove dirt and grime. Many aluminum fences have powder-coats to give them a beautiful color—this powder-coat can also prevent scratches and chips while you clean. If your aluminum fence is more lightweight and cannot withstand a pressure washer, then you can quickly wipe down soiled spots with a lint-free rag and some dish soap and water. Wipe up any pools of water and just let the fence air dry.

Lastly, before your first cleaning, it's always a good idea to ask the installation company which products are safe or not safe for your fence. Some chemical cleaners, like solvents or abrasive agents, can damage the aluminum.

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