Reasons To Use Chain-Link Fence Weave

Fence weave is a simple product designed to turn the open view of a chain-link fence into a solid fencing option. The flexible silver fence filler is woven diagonally through the chainlink. The top is secured in place with durable brass fittings that won't rust or corrode. As a bonus, silver weave matches the color of the chain link and fence posts, so it creates an attractive consistent look. There are a few reasons why a fence weave filler may be the right choice for your home. 

Help Your Garden Plants

If you grow a garden against your fence, then a fence filler can help protect the plants. Silver filler can reflect light and warmth down onto sun-loving plants like tomatoes and peppers, which can help them grow better. The fence will also protect the plants from damage that could occur from outside your yard, such as from passing pedestrians if your fence is against a sidewalk or from pollutants from cars if your fence backs up to a road. 

Gain Some Needed Privacy

One of the only drawbacks of a chain-link fence is the lack of privacy. Fortunately, you can keep your low maintenance and durable chain-link fence and enjoy your privacy, too. Fence filler weave fills in the open chains and quickly turns your old, open yard into one protected from the prying eyes of passers-by or neighbors.

Create a Shield Against Eyesores

Nearly every neighborhood has some eyesores. It could be an empty lot next door, debris in a neighboring yard, or your own garbage cans or outdoor HVAC units. These are simply not things you want to be staring at when trying to relax in your otherwise attractive yard. Adding fence filler to your existing fence can block out eyesores from neighboring areas. For those in your own yard, install an inexpensive chain-link panel around the eyesore and then use fence filler to create a screen to hide the problem area from sight. 

Calm Your Pets

Passing pedestrians and traffic can be distressing for some dogs. They simply must bark at everything they see. Add in neighborhood cats, and your dog may become a barking, nervous mess. Blocking distractions from view with the help of a fence filler can help relax your dog and curb their barking. Even better, some dogs won't be tempted to jump over a fence if they can't see what is on the other side. 

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