Creative Applications Of Vinyl Fencing For Your Homestead

Vinyl fencing is often used to fence in a backyard for kids or provide an attractive boundary marker, but you can use it in many other creative ways around your yard or homestead as well. Here are a few examples of more unique ideas for using vinyl fencing on your homestead.

Fencing for livestock

Although it may not be the first material that comes to mind when you think of livestock, a vinyl fence could work well for several types of livestock. The type of vinyl fence you install for this purpose will depend on the type of livestock, though. Vinyl rail fencing is often used for horses, whereas vinyl panel fences may work well for small livestock such as poultry.

Wind blocking or redirecting

Vinyl fence panels can be quite good at blocking wind, especially if you get extra-tall, solid panels. If your home is subjected to winter winds that suck the heat out of it, placing a vinyl fence strategically to redirect and block that wind may help you reduce your winter heating needs, getting you one step closer to a self-sufficient lifestyle. 

Providing shade

You may not think of vinyl fencing as much of a shade producer, since it doesn't have the shading power of, say, a nut tree. However, it can help provide more shade in a limited area if strategically placed. This can be very useful if you have something such as an HVAC unit or a rabbit hutch that just needs a small amount of shade.

Growing vertical gardens

A vinyl fence can be a great place to install some hanging baskets or other planters for vertical gardening endeavors. Whether you choose to grow trailing herbs, vegetable plants, or just flowers, your vinyl fence can be a great way to give your garden some three-dimensionality. This strategy can add visual interest, and it may even help your plants catch the light better by raising them off the ground.

Shielding unsightly things from view

Another benefit of vinyl fence panels is that they can provide a clean, attractive surface to block anything unsightly from view. Whether that's your HVAC unit, your compost pile, or something else necessary but unattractive or messy-looking, vinyl fencing can help you keep things looking sleek and tidy.

As you can see, a vinyl fence can have many more applications around the homestead than one might at first think. A vinyl fence company can provide you with information on these and other ways you can install vinyl fencing to assist in your homesteading venture.

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