Benefits Of Having Cedar Wood Fencing Around Your Home

While it is not a necessity, having a fence around your property is a good idea. Not only does it provide privacy for you, your guests, and your belongings, but it also provides protection. People cannot just wander across your yard destroying plants, they cannot see the items you have left on the porch and decide to steal them, and most importantly, it keeps young children and pets from wandering away. When deciding on the type of fence to have installed, take some time to look a cedar wood fencing. This type of fence has many benefits over other types and here are just a few.


A properly installed cedar wood fence is lovely. It makes the entire property look better. If you ever decide to sell the home, this fence will add to the curb appeal of the place and also increase the value. You may choose to leave the wood its natural color or have it stained. If left natural, the wood will eventually become a more grayish color from the sun and elements. Many people like the look of weathered wood. However, if you are one that doesn't, cedar takes a stain well. You can stain the wood whichever color you prefer.


Cedar wood is stronger and will last longer than other wood fencing. Many kinds of wood warp or crack with age even when properly maintained. As long as you take care of your cedar fencing according to the instructions of the installer your fence will be straight and strong for many years.

Sound Control

Cedar has many small air pockets in its structure. These pockets help insulate the area. You will notice that the heat or cold does not pass through a cedar fence as easily as other types of fences, keeping your yard at a more even temperature. In addition, these pockets can also act as soundproofing. That does not mean that the neighbors won't hear a big party going on at your place, but the sound will be diminished. Of course, it goes both ways, you won't hear everything going on at your neighbor's house either.

Talk with a professional fence installation company and ask their opinion of cedar wood fencing. They will be able to give you even more benefits from this type of wood. Go for a drive to look at other fences. You will be impressed at how nice the homes with cedar fencing look.

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